I love how you take me away
even if it is for just five seconds,
not thinking about anything,
making me feel like everythings okay.

A guy with a single tattoo
placed on his underarm.
I did not expect I would find it
one of the sexiest things I ever saw.

As I was looking at your books,
knives stuck into them,
I realised how dangerous this was,
the knives did not frighten me though, it was me.

I can’t decide if my heart is just too open,
or if you are just so special
that you broke into me,
sweeping me away with your charm.

I feel a deep connection,
but what if it’s not there?
Can love be real,
if it is just one person feeling it?

I have tried so hard not to fall for it,
To just be strong and move on,
but that moment I saw you play some old song I never heard before,
I realised I was in way too deep.



Sitting here on this couch,
way too big for just me.
Thinking about that night,
and how it all could be.

My thoughts are not with the movie I’m watching,
I can’t keep them from going places they shouldn’t,
Cause being in love is not okay,
You were just a friend.

It is so nice to think about it though,
As you are the person I truly miss,
When I close my eyes my mind goes over,
that special connection, that amazing kiss.

I long for your lips on mine,
But I’m afraid that might not happen again,
I want to run my fingers through your hair,
and playfully bite your lip, man.

Push me up against you,
take my head in your capable hands,
cause these feelings aren’t going away,
as we should be so much more than just friends.


“Oh, fuck” you said, just after I took my clothes off,
I felt so bad about myself, so insecure,
but by just cursing, you made me so comfortable.
As if it was some kind of cure.

I think back to that evening a lot.
We weren’t even drunk, pretty sober actually,
And we both knew it was going to happen,
I loved every minute of it, seriously.

The way you were looking at me,
the way our bedroom eyes met,
It was like electricity,
and I never expected that.

We are so compatible,
when it comes to the physical stuff,
I don’t want to think about where this is heading towards,
as the brain compatibility might be tough.

I just want to think back to that evening,
longing for you again and again,
No matter what will happen to us,
You will always be an amazing man.

Let go

If you love something,
let it go,
and if it comes back to you,
keep it.

It’s something people always say,
and quote, being all smart,
but the fact of the matter is,
that is simply not how it works when it comes to the heart.

If you truly love,
the thought of letting go is true horror,
plus, why would you go through the moarning,
what is that supposed to be used for?

If you truly love something,
do anything you want.
Don’t tempt yourself into playing games,
or to test someone, it’s not true.

Just love, and love as hard as you can,

Especially if the feeling is so strong, man.


Cupid please stop fucking with my head
pouring thoughts in it that drive me mad.
you shouldn’t want something that’s already dead.
you making me feel this way only makes me sad.

love is supposed to be beautiful man,
it is more than just: oh that body, oh damn.
I am doing anything I can,
to stop this crazy love, cause I’m not a fan.

you make me do things I really shouldn’t
you make me feel things I normally wouldn’t
and it’s just waiting for this guy to say he couldn’t
for my heart to be ruined.

Body on me

Laying in bed, late at night,
but it’s not the sleep that I fight.
it’s the thought of you,
and specifically some stuff you do.

I close my eyes,
picture you between my thighs.
feeling your body press up against mine,
damn dude, you are so fine.

you do me so good I think I’m gonna die,
especially when you look me straight in the eye.
come closer, put your lips on my lips,
while I get this warm feeling between my hips.

Your hands find all the right places,
and once again my heart races.
the thought of you being inside me,
really drives me crazy.

And as soon as you go in,
I want to push my nails into your skin.
I want you to give it to me so badly,
please man, just set me free.

I don’t want it

I have been laying on my couch,
fantasizing about a life that is impossible.
I have been laying in my bed,
looking at your pictures, butterflies galore.

What is this, this being in love?
Is it just a happy time to dream,
Cause I feel a different side to it too.
I feel rejection, wanting more from you.

I am not entitled to anything,
And I know love is not about possession,
I do not need to meet your parents,
but I simply want to be closer to you.

I can be ultimately close to your body,
but it is your mind that I want too.
Do I occupy your mind, like you do mine?
Are you as uncomfortable like me?

Maybe I do not want an answer to these questions,
this is probably for the better.
We are just friends, having fun,
I just don’t want this to be over.


I am just waiting on you,
like a sad puppy
for a love that can’t be true
and yet I feel this way.

I am waiting on you
to take me away
to appreciate and adore me
every damn day.

I am waiting for you
to show me you can handle it
to show me that you love it

but you won’t.

Never never

All I have been doing lately,

is escaping, not thinking.

A timeline filled with beautiful memories,

and yet I do not feel anything.
I can only sense the void,

that is left in me now that you’re gone,

The void that has been torturing me,

not just now, but since we are done.
Cause even though I text you 

just every once in a while, boo,

I miss you every damn day,

cause to me we simply ain’t through.
I feel like a fool,

when I tell people our story,

cause I see them think I’m crazy,

I see them feeling sorry.
Yet I know what I know,

I believe what I choose to believe,

And that is that there is love between us,

even though us being together was brief.
I loved you from the moment 

I first layed eyes on you,

And I will always love you, always,

cause to my heart you are true.