Take the fall?

I have found my poetry book from 14 years ago, which is giving me quite some insights. This is one of them:

All things have an end,
just as their beginnings.
But have all things got,
a point of no return?


Will there be one in every situation?
I guess it is just the way of handling it.
When you act wrong, you’ll get in a bad position.
But on the other hand, life is about choices.

People make mistakes, why?
We don’t know, we just say it’s human.
People make wrong choices,
And while hurting other people, it’s still a human mistake.

When is the point where a mistake isn’t human anymore?
Who decides?
I’m on the edge now, the point of no return, shall I take the fall?
Or walk back into your arms like there’s nothing wrong at all?


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