I open up to people easily,
No issues with being closed.
And I have loved before,
But this time I overdosed.

See, my mind might be tough,
But my heart is a fragile thing.
I never allowed anyone to break it but you,
And now I can’t feel anything.

I knew you’d take me and break me
But I wouldn’t go down without a fight.
Right when I first laid eyes on you,
Heartbreak at first sight.

Why did I let you do this to me.
I never let anyone come this close before.
The question keeps going through my mind,
as I lay crying on the bathroom floor.

I’m right at that spot where we made love,
we would be so into one another,
we would forget about time,
And I didn’t even bother.

I did not just fall in love with your mind.
I miss your beautiful body so much,
It’s tough to picture it,
Not sure if I can live without your touch.

I let another man steal a kiss,
one that was meant for you, only,
I was only thinking of you,
feeling numb and lonely.

I used to be in control,
But you have awakened this other me,
A soul that does not want to get over you,
A soul that will never truly be free.



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