A salty, soury thing

I asked you that night,
If you believed in unanswered love,
Your reply hurt me in a million ways,
especially when you blamed me for how hard I tried.

Why am I the one feeling so bad,
When you are the one not able to love?
Why am I something unclear to you,
While you are everything to me, it’s sad.

Why do they always sing
about the sweet stuff,
while love is mostly
a very salty, soury thing?

We are supposed to believe in fairytales,
And for a long time I did,
Silly me still thinks you are that prince,
But that is just my heart that fails.

The thing that hurts me the deepest,
is how you can’t seem to let me go.
You tell me you can’t love me,
but you do not want to be friends.

You do not want to miss out on me,
You hold me close, it’s almost a chokehold,
Just because you feel so guilty,
As you’re the reason we can’t be.

The cards have been played, boo
But I am not the one who shuffled,
Yet I need to make this decision,
But how do I unlove you?


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