I thought it would change,
through time, through distance,
First it seemed you could change,
your feelings about me.

Now I learn that it’s not the case,
And the other way around things aren’t changing either.
No matter where you are,
I love you from afar.

I need to obey,
Not for anyone,
but for us.

When we text I feel like,
writing in all caps how much I love you,
How much you are on my mind,
the part you play in my life.

However, it is not a part
you want to play,
Though we both know it is
not a matter of choice.

I need to obey,
Not for me,
but for you.

You want me close,
but not too close.
You want to see me badly,
but not too often.

A constant push and pull with you,
Everytime I think yes, you say no,
And when I finally let go,
You lure me back in right away.

I am not sure how much longer
I can put up with it.
But on the other hand,
I know I have no choice.

I need to obey,
Not for you,
but for me.


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