Crashing on you

I have wanted this for so long,
That I can only be terrified.
How can love feel so wrong,
And yet you and me together are so right.

I am not just falling for you,
going way to quick,
I come crashing down, boo
Thinking way too big.

I just want to be casual about it,
I just want to enjoy your company,
we are such a great fit,
Why do I always have to worry?
I pictured our end,
before we even began,
First you were just a friend,
And now you are kinda my man.

You are my man, but yet you’re not mine,
And here I am, just being all yours.
Honestly I am not fine,
Ever since I met you I am lost.

I sigh, cause of the butterflies,
and I sigh because of the trouble I foresee,
I wish it was just clear skies,
I wish you weren’t everything to me.


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