The rain

The grass in my garden is wet,
It is summer but yet it’s raining outside,
The water is here to nourish all plants.
It should be low but yet it’s high tide.

Do the tears in my eyes make everything a blur,
It must be the rain on the window,
I am trying hard to stay positive here,
But never ever did I feel so low.

I feel like the water is calling for me.
I step outside, to feel the rain on my skin,
Hoping it will wash away my tears,
And really just to feel anything.

My hot wet face mixes well
with the cold hard raindrops
It is so unfortunate that that is
where the cleansing stops.

I wish the water could clean my soul,
I wish the water would go through my brain,
My heart needs some tidying up too,
Anything just to get rid of this pain.


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