Happiness, Heartbreak


You are gone now.
Still some beer for you
in the fridge,
doesn’t matter now.

You choose to walk away.
My wet eyes watched you leave,
but I knew it wouldn’t matter,
cause I love you anyway.

You think I will forget about this,
This love, this thing between
us two.
But you don’t know what love is.

See, I will forever have feelings for you,
no matter if I find someone new,
no matter the time or the distance,
between us two.

So now I am alone.
But when you check my Instagram,
realize that this girl,
made you her number one.

Not just now that I am without you,
But whenever, whereever,
Whomever I will be with,
I will never not love you, boo

I hope soon you will understand
and really feel it in your heart,
that my door will forever be open,
cause by you I will always stand.


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