Heartbreak, Sexy stuff

Not you

Watching a movie in the dark,
We try to sit as close as we can.
I feel your skin against my skin.
while our fingers reach out to hold hands.

Your touch takes my breath away,
The darkness of the room sets the mood,
Tonight I do not want to be nice,
Tonight I do not want to be cute.

Slowly I turn my head to look at you,
You already lean in to kiss me,
I feel your warm lips on mine,
Your playful tongue makes me dizzy.

I really want to be in this moment,
I want to feel it, really feel it my heart,
But somehow my mind wanders off,
Somehow you cannot have that part.

Painful as it is it is his face that I see,
Everytime I close my eyes,
though your love makes me feel so free,
It will simply not suffice.


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