The silence within me

There are never enough hours in a day,
I am simply never through.
Work is piling up, it never stops.
But I find relaxation in you.

Nothing is ever enough,
An inbox is never really empty,
In a world of too much,
But you make me feel free.

The world keeps turning,
There’s always something new to see,
Heads keep spinning,
But you offer a piece of tranquility.

Deadlines are heavy on my shoulders,
There are mountains of paperwork to climb.
it’s not easy stepping off the daily tredmill.
But you make me forget the time.

It’s a daily fight, falling in and out of love,
Always being afraid of the day things get dull,
Looking for problems is no use though,
Cause with you everything is peaceful.

People try to break whatever is between us.
Everybody thinks they have the key.
I have decided not to care anymore,
Cause you feel like a holiday to me.


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