The sweet side of life

Again, some older work, from when I was 17 years old, a happy one for once, kinda 😉

Laughing and smiling the whole time,
Happiness has come into my heart again.
Now I can truly say I feel fine,
What’s left to worry about?

Now that lovely feeling’s back,
I can’t think of anything bad,
and I don’t want to try it too,
It’s so good, not to feel sad,

My heart is filled with flowers,
Springtime has come early this year,
I could dream bout it all for hours,
Feels like there’s nothing left to fear.

Oh, wonderful world,
Oh, wonderful life,

I’m floating around in heaven,
It’s only for a second may be.
But I will keep on laughing,
The sweet side of life I see.


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