Knowing you

You came into my life,

I was starstruck, wow,

I knew I had to know you,

but I am not so sure now.


Knowing you hurts.

My life was good,

when I did not know,

You existed, boo.


Now my life consists,

out of longing for a special connection,

like we had, and still have,

that I even see in my reflection.


Cause I see that you have touched me,

My look has changed tremendously,

Like a mother when she had her first child,

filled with love but no longer free.


Knowing you hurts,

Cause everyone else is not,

No one can be you,

you stuck around in my thoughts.


Your face is printed in my brain,

The magic that we were together,

And I do try and look,

But I will find nothing better.


Knowing you hurts,

cause you are out there,

and even if you weren’t,

I’d know you are somewhere.


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