Useless love

You want my love,
and yet you don’t.
You want to talk to me,
but you won’t.

Or do you prefer silence?
Like you silence my feelings,
The love I hold for you is great,
and flattering to most human beings.

Somehow that does not count,
when it comes to you dear,
cause when it comes to you,
the ruler, the king, the god is fear.

That is so sad you see?
I have wonderful things to give,
And with all those fuzzy warm feelings inside,
I am not sure how to live.

If I can’t share them with you,
If I need to keep them in a cage,
Not sure if I can truly be myself.
But I am not ready to turn the page.

I feel so stupid for adoring you so much,
For having this useless love inside,
The best thing I can’t give to you,
Even now that I am officially by your side.


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