Sexy stuff

Body on me

Laying in bed, late at night,
but it’s not the sleep that I fight.
it’s the thought of you,
and specifically some stuff you do.

I close my eyes,
picture you between my thighs.
feeling your body press up against mine,
damn dude, you are so fine.

you do me so good I think I’m gonna die,
especially when you look me straight in the eye.
come closer, put your lips on my lips,
while I get this warm feeling between my hips.

Your hands find all the right places,
and once again my heart races.
the thought of you being inside me,
really drives me crazy.

And as soon as you go in,
I want to push my nails into your skin.
I want you to give it to me so badly,
please man, just set me free.


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