This thing between us,
It did not start in a standard way.
It was crazy and weird,
But it felt kinda okay.

For many reasons
we did not make it then.
We were in different places,
You were just a friend.

Things are all so different now,
Between us I mean.
But the people around me,
Do not seem too keen.

They find it hard to trust you,
Or even me, being under your spell,
They are afraid you are just hurting me,
That your love is putting me through hell.

To me it does not feel that way at all,
Not that it has been a walk in the park,
But I know how I feel,
And this is more than just a spark.

I know you are not perfect for me,
We might not even fit together,
But I feel so much when I look at you.
My worries away, I feel so much better.

No one will ever be able to understand,
You are not just some syndrome,
Yes, you have me on shaky ground,
But at the same time you feel like home.


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