Never never

All I have been doing lately,

is escaping, not thinking.

A timeline filled with beautiful memories,

and yet I do not feel anything.
I can only sense the void,

that is left in me now that you’re gone,

The void that has been torturing me,

not just now, but since we are done.
Cause even though I text you 

just every once in a while, boo,

I miss you every damn day,

cause to me we simply ain’t through.
I feel like a fool,

when I tell people our story,

cause I see them think I’m crazy,

I see them feeling sorry.
Yet I know what I know,

I believe what I choose to believe,

And that is that there is love between us,

even though us being together was brief.
I loved you from the moment 

I first layed eyes on you,

And I will always love you, always,

cause to my heart you are true.


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