Losing time

You caught me by surprise,
everytime I would see you.
Time would just be slipping through my fingers,
and it felt so good.

The controlfreak letting go,
being in a most zen state,
feeling home, feeling free,
just by one date.

More dates followed,
and the feeling did not change,
Time and time again,
it was like quiet sand in an hourglass.

The other day you told me,
you love that feeling too,
together we lose the time,
but it definitely ain’t time lost.

It meant so much to me,
to hear you say these things,
but it seems you have been taken them back,
since a few days.

You have been off the radar,
that is just your thing,
but this thing between us,
I really started to believe in.

Now it feels like time is not on my side,
Like our time started ticking,
racing to that moment that we both know is coming,
is our time running out?


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