Nothing left of me

You built me up only to take me down

And when I thought I was at an all time low

You made things even worse.

I am left, just feeling like some clown.

Six years and all of a sudden things don’t feel as serious,

They don’t feel like they meant anything at all.

The way you are throwing it all away is so shocking,

And now I am just lonely, taking the fall.

You seem to have moved on ages ago,

But I don’t understand where you went.

I can only sit here and think about

All those I love you’s you never meant.

People always say breaking up is not easy to do,

But you don’t seem to mind.

You are being unfair about it though,

not really speaking things out, but I guess that’s just you.

All this time I was in the dark.

And now I sit here, writing poetry,

While you have moved on, I stood still,

Cause there is nothing left of me.


Grenades forever

My thoughts are like grenades,
I want to throw them at you,
But I’m not sure as sometimes that feeling fades,
And then I never do.

There will be a massive explosion,
one day in the distant future,
I hope that day I will truly be done,
with feeling like a loser.

I offered you my forever
But you did not take it.
It’s not like you said: never,
You just knew we wouldn’t make it.

See what you did there love?
You created your own selffullfilling prophecy
I usually don’t believe in that stuff,
But your bahaviour has a hold on me.

On us, to be more precize,
Cause due to your silly words,
Somehow this relationship doesn’t suffice,
and we ended up so much worse.

How do we put an end to this?
You are just going to wait it out,
While I feed you so much love with every kiss,
that you return with so much doubt.


Happiness, Heartbreak

Let go

If you love something,
let it go,
and if it comes back to you,
keep it.

It’s something people always say,
and quote, being all smart,
but the fact of the matter is,
that is simply not how it works when it comes to the heart.

If you truly love,
the thought of letting go is true horror,
plus, why would you go through the moarning,
what is that supposed to be used for?

If you truly love something,
do anything you want.
Don’t tempt yourself into playing games,
or to test someone, it’s not true.

Just love, and love as hard as you can,

Especially if the feeling is so strong, man.



What is wrong with me
for loving you so?
I have asked myself
over and over again.

What happened to me
to make me fall so deep
into unconditional love
with you.

it might be a question
I never get the answer to.
cause this love will
probably stay unanswered.

it might be a question
I never want the answer to
cause it hurts you
and might take me down too.

is that even the question though?
I wonder, is this about me?
is it about my fault for falling for you,
or is about your unwillingness to deal?

what happened to you
to make you shut out
this beautiful love I am
ready to give?


Losing time

You caught me by surprise,
everytime I would see you.
Time would just be slipping through my fingers,
and it felt so good.

The controlfreak letting go,
being in a most zen state,
feeling home, feeling free,
just by one date.

More dates followed,
and the feeling did not change,
Time and time again,
it was like quiet sand in an hourglass.

The other day you told me,
you love that feeling too,
together we lose the time,
but it definitely ain’t time lost.

It meant so much to me,
to hear you say these things,
but it seems you have been taken them back,
since a few days.

You have been off the radar,
that is just your thing,
but this thing between us,
I really started to believe in.

Now it feels like time is not on my side,
Like our time started ticking,
racing to that moment that we both know is coming,
is our time running out?



It was not meant to happen this way.
We were never supposed to stick this long.
A summer fling, is what I would say.
But now even the autumn leaves are long gone.

This was not supposed to happen, boo
You aren’t even built for a love like this.
Yet every extra moment I get with you,
fills my heart with so much bliss.

It’s the moments we are not together,
that make me feel useless.
No matter how many changes of weather,
We keep on doing this.

Am I just convenient to you man,
Or is this big love distorted by your mind?
Please share it if you can,
Cause what I have to give is so kind.


Secret identity

You are waiting for me,
as I am on my way to you.
Looking forward to seeing each other,
but deep down I feel blue.

I am close to your doorstep now.
Every time I am about to hold you again,
I realize that this is not forever.
I remember myself to enjoy it while I still can.

You open the door and as I see your face,
I can’t help but smile, ear to ear.
You press me against you, lovingly,
and away goes my fear.

Our moments together are everything,
But after I feel so low.
The greatest thing I have for you,
Is living in the shadow.

The feelings of love set in,
But I can’t show you that part of me,
The cool girl is who I am on the outside.
And inside, my secret identity



Tell me

You tell your friends
I am your girlfriend
but you forgot to tell me.

I tell my friends
that I love you
and yet I do not tell you.

There is always this odd space
between the two of us.
It’s full of question marks.
I am not sure if it bothers you,
you are not sure if it bothers me,
it is just there.

is it making our love stronger?
or is it keeping us from going deeper?
is this even love?

Tell me man,
cause I’ve been waiting
as patiently as I can be.

tell me man,
cause you make me
so much better than I could ever be.