I don’t want it

I have been laying on my couch,
fantasizing about a life that is impossible.
I have been laying in my bed,
looking at your pictures, butterflies galore.

What is this, this being in love?
Is it just a happy time to dream,
Cause I feel a different side to it too.
I feel rejection, wanting more from you.

I am not entitled to anything,
And I know love is not about possession,
I do not need to meet your parents,
but I simply want to be closer to you.

I can be ultimately close to your body,
but it is your mind that I want too.
Do I occupy your mind, like you do mine?
Are you as uncomfortable like me?

Maybe I do not want an answer to these questions,
this is probably for the better.
We are just friends, having fun,
I just don’t want this to be over.


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