You came home, happy to see me.

I looked at you, not happy to be me.

Cause I knew what I had to do,

And I was about to lose you.


Even when I spoke the words out loud,

There was still a shadow of a doubt,

You did not deserve this treatment,

of being made redundant.


Together with the words, tears started to pour,

As this hurted us both, straight to the core.

You did not respond the way I expected,

You made sure my feelings weren’t neglected.


You started to comfort me,

probably not having to deal with yourself, I see.

As tears rolled down your chin,

I felt like washing myself from sin.


The relief I felt about tell you,

Was expected, but not fully true.

I felt the pain more than I’d imagined,

and you took it better than I had reckoned.


Now it is upto the hands of time,

To see if somewhow you are still mine,

Not just my own, but someone close, 

That is what I’d love the most.


I am not in any position to have any say,

I know that I fucked that up that day.

I just hope you will be a happy man,

with or without me holding your hand.




You checked out.

Before the plane had even landed.

We did not even fly that high,

But you got scared and wanted to offboard.

Didn’t you know this was against the rules?

There is a reason no one is offered a parachute in an airplane.

You do not just jump out,

when you go down, you go down together.

And when you fly high, you fly high together.

But I guess we never really did, did we?



All this time I have been alone.
And yet you doubt if you want to break up with me,
because you are afraid you might be lonely.
Like you were before you met me.

I can guarantee you will be,
Just like I was, all those years when I was with you.
Now I am done, and I am happy,
Cause now I am going to do me.

No matter how solo my dinners will be
No matter how many times I will visit the cinema alone,
I will never be lonely ever again,
Cause I have always taken care of people, the way you never could.

And I will always take care of myself, the way you never would.
Like any wonderful woman on this planet, I deserve the best,
So good luck with the rest of your life,
I am sure this turn of events you would have never guessed.

You are always way too busy with your own shit,
You did not even know that you were falling out of love,
But you know, the saddest bit,
is that you don’t realize what you are losing until it’s long gone.

And now you do not say a word.
You drop a bomb, but yet you are unwilling to take care of the victims,
Unwilling, unable perhaps?
Cowardly you await, until I make the final cut.

Happiness, Heartbreak


You are gone now.
Still some beer for you
in the fridge,
doesn’t matter now.

You choose to walk away.
My wet eyes watched you leave,
but I knew it wouldn’t matter,
cause I love you anyway.

You think I will forget about this,
This love, this thing between
us two.
But you don’t know what love is.

See, I will forever have feelings for you,
no matter if I find someone new,
no matter the time or the distance,
between us two.

So now I am alone.
But when you check my Instagram,
realize that this girl,
made you her number one.

Not just now that I am without you,
But whenever, whereever,
Whomever I will be with,
I will never not love you, boo

I hope soon you will understand
and really feel it in your heart,
that my door will forever be open,
cause by you I will always stand.


The former

I can’t even remember how it started,
The dark clouds have been around for a while,
All I know is that day you confused me.
And after you never went the extra mile.

Take me down just a little bit more
It does not even really matter what you say.
What are relationships really for?
If the love and the lust so easily fade away.

I have let you push me off the pedestal,
I wasn’t even on in the first place.
And now we are acting even stranger than strangers,
In this godforsaken time and space.

I am not something to be picked up,
From a convenience store around the corner.
But have a good transition, man,
From my lover, you now became a former.