I love how you take me away
even if it is for just five seconds,
not thinking about anything,
making me feel like everythings okay.

A guy with a single tattoo
placed on his underarm.
I did not expect I would find it
one of the sexiest things I ever saw.

As I was looking at your books,
knives stuck into them,
I realised how dangerous this was,
the knives did not frighten me though, it was me.

I can’t decide if my heart is just too open,
or if you are just so special
that you broke into me,
sweeping me away with your charm.

I feel a deep connection,
but what if it’s not there?
Can love be real,
if it is just one person feeling it?

I have tried so hard not to fall for it,
To just be strong and move on,
but that moment I saw you play some old song I never heard before,
I realised I was in way too deep.


“Oh, fuck” you said, just after I took my clothes off,
I felt so bad about myself, so insecure,
but by just cursing, you made me so comfortable.
As if it was some kind of cure.

I think back to that evening a lot.
We weren’t even drunk, pretty sober actually,
And we both knew it was going to happen,
I loved every minute of it, seriously.

The way you were looking at me,
the way our bedroom eyes met,
It was like electricity,
and I never expected that.

We are so compatible,
when it comes to the physical stuff,
I don’t want to think about where this is heading towards,
as the brain compatibility might be tough.

I just want to think back to that evening,
longing for you again and again,
No matter what will happen to us,
You will always be an amazing man.

Let go

If you love something,
let it go,
and if it comes back to you,
keep it.

It’s something people always say,
and quote, being all smart,
but the fact of the matter is,
that is simply not how it works when it comes to the heart.

If you truly love,
the thought of letting go is true horror,
plus, why would you go through the moarning,
what is that supposed to be used for?

If you truly love something,
do anything you want.
Don’t tempt yourself into playing games,
or to test someone, it’s not true.

Just love, and love as hard as you can,

Especially if the feeling is so strong, man.

Body on me

Laying in bed, late at night,
but it’s not the sleep that I fight.
it’s the thought of you,
and specifically some stuff you do.

I close my eyes,
picture you between my thighs.
feeling your body press up against mine,
damn dude, you are so fine.

you do me so good I think I’m gonna die,
especially when you look me straight in the eye.
come closer, put your lips on my lips,
while I get this warm feeling between my hips.

Your hands find all the right places,
and once again my heart races.
the thought of you being inside me,
really drives me crazy.

And as soon as you go in,
I want to push my nails into your skin.
I want you to give it to me so badly,
please man, just set me free.


I am just waiting on you,
like a sad puppy
for a love that can’t be true
and yet I feel this way.

I am waiting on you
to take me away
to appreciate and adore me
every damn day.

I am waiting for you
to show me you can handle it
to show me that you love it

but you won’t.

The Hole

It seemed so far away,
That dark place.
I knew it was there,
As I tiptood around it before.

I tried to be careful,
But the heart wants what it wants,
And god knows, I definitely do.
Even knowing that I should be into you.

For a while I kinda forgot about that dark place,
That pit in the ground I might sink in,
It seemed a bit further away for a while.
I still knew it was there, but I did not think about it as much.

Until bang I was reminded,
With just one look into your eyes,
One time standing too close,
As your breath touched my face.

As your breath touched my face,
You entered my heart.
My heart that needed rest,
That needed time to heal.

But nope, my heart was back in business,
Making sure I’d think about you all the time,
When I woke up, when I ate lunch, when I went to bed,
Being obsessed by you, even though my mind knew better.

My mind always knows better, but my heart is not okay.
And when my heart is not okay, it won’t let me take the lead.
It will race towards that god forsaken dark place in a matter of minutes,
And make me fall into that hole, that hole that had been there waiting.

It had been waiting for me to cross the line,
It had been waiting for all this time.
It wanted to devour me, swallow me whole,
And I blame you.

Even though you have never promised me anything,
It was you that made me go tot hat point of no return,
Then I realised though, that was not fair,
Not that it was a hole that was just there.

Someone had put it there, but I hadn’t realised that wasn’t you.
It was me who set it all up.
It was me taking the shovel, starting to dig.
It had always been me, trying to trap myself, and it will always be.


Love is a strange beast

I am still not sure about it,
being in love with someone,
does that mean I love them?
What does loving someone mean anyway?

I only know that I want you close to me,
I might not even want a relationship,
Just want us to be together, to hang out,
Why does it feel wrong to be wanting that?

It is you, being so distant,
Trying to keep me away from the real person inside,
Is that your fear of commitment speaking,
Or is my borderline the reason for you to hide?

I would be fine with any of the things mentioned,
as long as the reason is not love,
I really want this loving feeling to last forever,
But I am so afraid our love is already damned.

I really try to keep quiet,
and not show to many feelings towards you,
But inside I am so freaking afraid,
That somethings I just can’t not do.


I can smell your fear from miles away,

I always thought I’d be immune,

But lately it seems to have evolved,

we are simply not in tune.


I used to be able to let it go,

but I now I don’t see how.

Your fear has silenced even me,

what to do with my strong feelings now?


I want to be the wonderful person,

I know I am when I’m head over heels,

but there’s is something holding me back,

even though I definitely feel all the feels.


I feel bad for not being who I truly am,

A warm, caring, gentle and loving human being,

but I can’t cause I need to protect myself too,

though I want to with every fiber in my being.


Sometimes I just want to scream out to you,

frustrated cause you do not seem to care,

disappointed cause you let fear rule you,

and stand in the way of this love, how unfair.


I admire you,
Ever since I first saw you.
I am nuts about you,
Even though you haven’t always been true.

I keep falling in love with people,
that eventually hurt me.
My mind knows better,
but it can’t keep my heart from longing.

Why do I feel so bad?
Is it wrong to be in love?
Am I out of line for appreciating you?
There is nothing I won’t do.

I really want to be around you,
And even if that is just as friends,
Or as friends that are doing it,
That is okay for now,

But don’t shut me out,
Don’t just neglect me for days,
expecting the same lovely treatment,
that I would have given you on a daily basis.

It is insane how my feelings,
that are so true,
feel so illegal somehow.
And I blame you.

If it is illegal to love you,
even though I have been so decent all these years,
It should be just as illegal,
to neglect me and ignite my fears.

Is it wrong?

When I close my eyes,
My eyes still see,
They show me you,
And your gorgeousness kills me.

When I finally shut up,
Inside, it is my heart that speaks up,
Making me feel so weak,
Cause deep down I know what’s up.

Is it wrong though, to be in love with this man?
It has been so long though, being in love with this friend.
When the palms of my hands are facing upwards,
I feel your fingers slide nextto mine.

I miss it so much, walking in the streets hand in hand,
Boy, as a couple we looked so damn fine.
Why can’t I have what I really really want?
I know I am weak, but is it bad to love a guy?

Is it wrong to want to give him my all?
Or am I just living in a big lie?