It’s easy but not true to say
you don’t deserve my love,
You do, you are amazing,
you are kind and sweet.

It’s not easy but true to say
I cannot receive your love.
I am just not it for you,
you are not able to love me.

Or so you say,
Cause I hear you and
I will say that I understand,
deep down I refuse to believe it.

I can’t imagine Cupid shooting
so badly, he’s been doing it for years.
I want to think that it is just you,
not being able to get rid of your fears.

Silly, I know, I am a girl
looking for love in the wrong places,
Ending up with people,
that had so many faces.

Often I get so tired of that,
not being able to expect realness,
always needing to be planning
planning for the worst.

This worst I could not have been planning though,
I would never expect it to go down this way,
And together we are in such a nice flow,
I can’t believe we are not okay.