The girl with the impatient heart

She did not take her eyes off of you once,
as you tried to lead the dance.
infatuated by your face.
and sweeped away by your grace.

she was not the type to wait around,
especially as she knew what she had found.
she found someone to serve her love to,
and she had chosen you.

trying to act tough, she went along with it all,
but deep inside, she knew she was taking the fall.
her mind knew this was not going to end well,
but yet her heart was already under your spell.

it’s the girl with the impatient heart,
which she knew about right from the start.
but yet she couldn’t keep herself from dreaming,
cause it gave her such an amazing feeling.

the sad part is that dreams don’t last,
and even though she did her best,
her heart would be left broken and destroyed,
so much hurt and ache, just to fill the void.