Sexy stuff, Struggle

You are not alone

The moon shines proudly in the dark night,
I look at my phone, a text from that man.
Soon he will set aside his pride,
For my attention he does all he can.

I have the power to make him crawl,
But I will not do it, I refuse.
Cause I try to actually have a soul.
creating a world where I’m not his muse.

He might sit there on the couch,
comfortably enjoying my company,
sending me pictures of his south,
But something’s wrong in this pic, see?

Just a few metres away she is asleep,
carrying his second child,
Not knowing about my existence,
or the fact that often I am on his mind.


Who you are

Oh I had my eye on you,
right from the start.
My head kept me away from you,
because it knew what was going on my heart.

Right there and then,
I like you for who you are,
My lover, my friend, my man.

You don’t make things easy though,
Cause your fear of commitment,
almost made me let you go,
and still it’s hard to pretend.

But still now that we are together,
I know you for who you are,
Through sunshine and stormy weather.

You can’t love me for who I am,
You wonder if you can ever love anyone,
Still I am more than just a friend,
And we are not yet done.

One day you will say goodbye,
But I love you the way you are,
Not just now, but then and till the day I die.



I thought it would change,
through time, through distance,
First it seemed you could change,
your feelings about me.

Now I learn that it’s not the case,
And the other way around things aren’t changing either.
No matter where you are,
I love you from afar.

I need to obey,
Not for anyone,
but for us.

When we text I feel like,
writing in all caps how much I love you,
How much you are on my mind,
the part you play in my life.

However, it is not a part
you want to play,
Though we both know it is
not a matter of choice.

I need to obey,
Not for me,
but for you.

You want me close,
but not too close.
You want to see me badly,
but not too often.

A constant push and pull with you,
Everytime I think yes, you say no,
And when I finally let go,
You lure me back in right away.

I am not sure how much longer
I can put up with it.
But on the other hand,
I know I have no choice.

I need to obey,
Not for you,
but for me.